Employees joining your company play an integral role in the success of your organisation.

Our proven experience and success in IT services, coupled with our expertise in human resources, mean we can objectively evaluate applicants’ technical and behavioural capabilities. Listening is at the heart of our relationships.

As a strategic partner in your external or internal recruitments, we provide you with consultants or applicants who will embrace the values and culture of your company.

We offer you a complete range of services that guarantee genuine, long-term cooperation to ensure the success of your IT projects and the economic development of your business.

Contracting: Providing flexible contract resources of the highest quality to support your project needs.

Try & Hire: Flexible formula that gives you the opportunity to evaluate an employee before a final commitment.

Permanent recruitment:  Search, selection, and presentation of rights candidates to integrating your company.

We apply the same guidelines for both external or permanent recruitment.

Following an in-depth study of the company, the post and its requirements, each recruitment assignment is subject to a personal consultation and implemented using a methodology based on proven best practice.

TALENTS Connection offers you a complete consultancy, sourcing and testing service based on innovative recruitment tools. A rigorous and transparent selection process ensures you benefit from a service which is fully tailored to your specific requirements.

Our selection process comprises the following steps:

  1. Establishment of a sourcing strategy,
  2. Applicant search and preselection,
  3. In-depth professional interviews and evaluation of applicants,
  4. Checking and analysis of certificates and references,
  5. Submission of candidatates profiles,
  6. Advice and follow-up throughout all the process.

In addition to an in-depth interview, we also assess technical, linguistic and behavioural skills based on the targeted profile.

– Technical evaluation:

Our platform of more than IT tests enables us to objectively assess an applicant’s technical proficiency in real time and grade the applicant against other IT professionals who have taken the same technical tests.

– Linguistic evaluation:

We assess applicants’ language skills based on internationally recognised norms and standards using a tool which identifies 6 skill levels in line with a common European reference framework for languages.

– Evaluation of behavioural tendencies and motivations:

Our tool enables us to identify applicants’ behavioural preferences and create the ideal behavioural profile for a given post. It helps improve company culture and create efficient teams.


We also offer these tools to companies willing to assess their current teams’ training needs or build new efficient teams.



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